A Country Music Band

CORN LIQUOR’S – 9TH TRIBUTE … to the late great …JOHNNY CASH

Yes folks, CORN LIQUOR, Brisbane’s one & only original Hillbilly band is holding their 9th “Tribute to JOHNNY CASH” on the 18th of this month (NOV) at the BOUNDARY HOTEL in WEST END.

This hillbilly yoking 4 piece band has been delivering twanged out tunes from festival to sleazy bar to backyard, up & down the eastern seaboard of Aussie for over a decade, satisfying patrons with riveting versions and original music till all hours of the night.

So do yourself a favour and get down to see and hear some awesome Johnny Cash tunes done in a way that only CORN LIQUOR can deliver…yeehaa…see ya there…..

JC boundary 11-17





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